• Gustave LE GRAY

    Ciel Chargé, Mer Méditerranée (Cloudy Sky, Mediterranean Sea), 1857

    Medium: Vintage albumen print from two collodion-on-glass negatives
    Neg. Date: 1857 / Print Date: 1857
    Size: 12.75 x 16.38 inches

    Illustrated: Sylvie Aubenas, Gustave Le Gray 1820-1884 (Los Angeles: Getty Publications, 2002), fig. 147 and cat. 132; Eugenia Parry Janis, Gustave Le Gray, p. 73; Ken Jacobson, The Lovely Sea-view... Which All London is Now Wondering at: A Study of the Marine Photographs Published by Gustave le Gray, 1856-1858

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